All tree work needs to be done safely and correctly to a high standard to protect those immediately in contact or surrounding it as well as in the future. Badly done work will affect the tree and may not be immediately evident but can be stored up in the tree causing many more problems for the future and increased ongoing costs and safety issues.

Different trees respond in different ways to being worked on and even the time of year to work on specific trees will affect how they respond. Knowledge of which trees respond to what is vital to keeping them safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing the right Tree surgeon will insure this is done correctly.

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  • Removing a tree from the property can be done by cutting it from the ground or by dismantling it piece by piece when space is restricted or to protect the property or any valuable objects that may be underneath the tree
  • Dismantling will usually be done with ropes and pulleys lowering under control parts of the tree a bit at a time
  • Felling or removing the tree is normally done when it is too large, diseased, damaged or is even causing damage to the property
  • Removing the tree is sometimes not necessary and a professional and correctly done reduction is all that may be required
  • Reducing the tree can be done in many ways to limit the impact on a property
  • Reducing the height, width, overall spread or the removal of individual or just the lower branches can make a huge difference. This can improve the appearance of both the tree and the property
  • This can also improve the health of a tree if it is done correctly
  • This can extend the life of a tree by many years, providing it is done correctly and at right stage of a trees life. Done wrong it can damage the tree beyond repair
  • This involves removing branches of the tree that are no longer benefiting its health. This could be crossing or rubbing branches, broken limbs, weak branches or other problems that could opening the tree up to infection or affect its growth and health
  • Dead wood on a tree is a wonderful habitat for wildlife and not always dangerous. We can remove or advise on this to save any unnecessary work and expense