Grounded Trees not only offer the manual labour involved in the upkeep of greenery, but we also offer a range of advice on tree health, management, and maintenance packages to keep your trees and safe and enjoyable.

For advice on maintaining your trees, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tree health advice

Diseases and Pests

Grounded Trees can help assess the health of your trees to detect any problem with disease or health concerns you may have and help you with a solution to the problem.

Contact us for help and advice on any disease and pests related incidents.

Tree Preservation Orders

Many trees are subject to TPO’s without the owners of the property’s even knowing, however there are huge fines and prosecutions associated with doing any work to them without the relevant permission from local authorities.

We are able to assess and advise you on this issue and can help or even apply to the local authorities on your behalf saving you the inconvenience.